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News Archive - May VE Session Produces a New Round of Licensed Operators & a Lucky Winner!

EGARA’s latest VE session on May 20th saw four new hams licensed and another four successfully upgrade their current tickets. In addition, a brand new HT radio was awarded to Ben Kurdt of Albany, who passed his Tech exam. The radio was purchased with proceeds from the estate of Silent Key Howard Caudle, W2RSU, whose family made the bequest to EGARA. The May session was one of three sponsored by the club each year. The others are in January and October. Club member Peggy Donnelly, KD2LMU, also served for the first time as a VE examiner. Peggy has worked hard to go from Tech to Amateur Extra and a VE in a matter of months. The May 20th session produced four Novice Class, three General Class and one Extra Class licenses. The following EGARA VE’s administering the tests: Tom Scorsone, KC2FCP, Steve VanSickle, WB2HPR, Peggy Donnelly, KD2LMU, Dave Williams, N2VLQ, Bob Stark, KA2EXK, Bill Leue, K2WML, and Bryan Jackson, W2RBJ.

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